We’re the ape-like inhabitants of a tiny rock in a vast cosmos.

How much do we really know about it?

Humanity’s best minds have conceived ‘big ideas’ like atoms, gravity, and evolution.

This blog by discover.earth shows you how they explain the universe and are connected.

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The Fabric of Reality

The building blocks of the universe around us, from strings to molecules.


The vast expanse in which we live.

Big History

The story of human origins, from the Big Bang ’till now.


Maverick articles that don’t fit anywhere else.

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The cell

The cell was the single most important breakthrough for life, short of DNA itself.

The body

Some species learned to form great, co-ordinated, and immensely complex colonies called multicellular organisms.


The vast, interconnected and incredibly complex networks in which species live, fight, and reproduce.

The Homo genus

After billions of years of evolution, one genus learned to create tools to extend its impact on the world.


The long eras of the homo sapiens species, prior to its civilisations.


The story of settled societies. Who the major ones were, what they were like, and what happened to them.

Tribal behaviour

All human beings retain their tribal heritage, which has a number of unexpected effects on our lives.


The typical characteristics and outcomes of civilisations throughout history.

Myths and Religions

Myths and religions of different forms may be the primary means by which we understand the world.


The world’s most influential and interesting cultures. Includes pictures and stories.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths

The revolutionary scientific method, its philosophy, and the communities that practice it.

The Modern World

The hugely complex, interconnected modern world. Discusses the major countries, industries, political theories, and problems.

Beyond Corporatism

The current era is arguably defined by strong, corporate interests. What could, or should follow?

The Future

Upcoming technology, the future of our civilisation, and the fate of the universe.


Reality isn’t necessarily as we see it.