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We inhabit a planet in the universe that is brimming with strange and incredible things, like a real-life Wonderland.

But over time the excitement of discovery tends to fade, and the miraculous becomes mundane. is a place to rediscover the wonder that has always been out there – in nature, space, and our modern world – and it’s often more spectacular, complex, and beautiful than we could have ever imagined.

Our Story

Hey, my name is Ben McCarthy and I’m the founder of and author of The Big Ideas Network.

A few years ago I had a psychedelic experience that was one of the most influential moments in my life.

Every leaf became a miracle, coordinating millions of cells in a delicate chemical mechanism more complex than anything we’ve ever engineered, despite being made out of just dirt and air.

On the ground a line of ants strolled past, like a miniature civilization going about its business right under my feet.

Above my head the atmosphere rolled over the city landscape like an endless ocean made out of gas.

Every single thing around me had a depth of complexity and beauty that I had never seen before. I later found a quote that resonated with me down to my bones:

β€œThe proper response to reality is astonishment.”
– Terence McKenna

I was determined to build something that could grasp this new perspective and bring it in to day-to-day life for myself and others.

Philosophy and science are how we examine and come to understand our universe, so I’ve been writing The Big Ideas Network blog to make them easily understood.

Then I built a web app that curates the world’s photos, videos, and art that shows the visual wonders of our universe in a social-media style feed.

Next up was a chat room and discussion forum where people can share their stories, adventures, trips, and thoughts. is the brand that wraps them all together.

Make sure to drop in and tell your best stories.

Love you guys.


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