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The Most Interesting Chemical Reactions

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This story is about < 1 minutes long.

This article is a break from the other more information-heavy pages, and just showcases some of the awesome and explosive reactions that can happen in chemistry.

Note that it may take a little extra time to load all of the videos.

Hope you enjoy!

Mercury reacting with aluminum.

Dehydration of sugar in sulfuric acid.

Snake venom meets blood.

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Alpha particle trails from radioactive decay of Radon 220.

Burning mercury II thiocyanate.

Burning Lithium.

A lightbulb burning out.

Electrical treeing.

Catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide.

Blood meets hydrogen peroxide.

Belousov–Zhabotinsky reaction.

Aluminum and iodine.


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Tin crumbling after being cooled to lower than 13 degrees Celsius.

Sodium acetate crystallization.

That’s the end for now! As we find more great videos of chemical reactions, we’ll add them to this page. Hope you enjoyed them!

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