Organisms are reproductive machines

  • All life are creative expressions of the one rule: reproduce.
  • Every living individual is a biological machine whose existence is predicated on the fundamental drive of its ancestors to honour this rule.
  • This wasn't imbued upon them at the conception of life, it was the result of selection: those that had it propagated, those that didn't were edged out. It extended to become fierce competition - genes trying to maximise their prevalence in the next generation.
  • It's a goal that will never be satisfied. It's a force that will push life forever, without ever being fulfilled.
  • Variations are determined by the possibilities within the bounds of food and water, predators, climate, and hundreds of varieties of salts and nutrients and absence of wastes and poisons. For some creatures then there is society, etc.
  • Reddit community, Reddit, can you blow my mind in one sentence?
    • Really you're just a complicated shell your DNA managed to grow in order to help replicate itself.
  • This really hammers home the fact that human beings are only one tiny, unusually complicated, niche form of life

Expand and multiply

  • It is the nature of life forms born on planet Earth. It is the reason why the current stock exists: in our 3.5 billion years of evolution, it is what has made them survive.
  • Introduced species conquer and multiply (includes plants).
  • Civilizations expand to new land and multiply. It exists at all levels of life.
  • It's life's response to #[[nature is a struggle]]
  • They are claiming their stake of the future. Their growth is often exponential too.
  • Life is constantly being beaten into submission. If they don't expand and multiply, calamity often destroys entire areas and fragile living things with it.
  • Moving onto another planet is the natural next step.
  • However, variation is good for coping with unexpected circumstances of all kinds.


  • Often unique to species
    • There are rules
    • They are very important for assessing each other
  • It may include
    • Dancing
    • Gifts
  • If I happened to be in the early phases of a dinosaur related mobile game, what are some things you'd like to see specifically included that are often omitted from pop culture depictions from dinosaurs? sexual dimorphism? accurate sizes? fluffiness?
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    • Courtship! It doesn't matter if you are the fiercest predator in the ecosystem if you strike out with the ladies. The Darwinian game is kept score by counting your grandkids not how many other animals you've killed.
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Fighting each other for mates

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Animal sex is weird


There are a huge range of possible ways of copulating and raising young. This site is great:

Rate of reproduciton

Some animals will have a dozen offspring each year, except for bad years. They can populate a huge area.