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Imagine if you knew the key concepts in all of science.

That would be pretty incredible right?

You’d probably see the world in an entirely different way. A table wouldn’t just be a table anymore, it would be a trillion atoms held together by the electromagnetic force. Each of the atom would have a story, from being forged within a star to being pulled into the chemical cycles of the Earth before finding their way into your living room.

I’ve found that human knowledge boils down to a small number of core theories that carry the heavy freight.

That’s what this website and email list is about. The biggest ideas that describe our universe.

Together they represent knowledge built over centuries by humanity’s greatest minds.

They’re not meant to go very deep, or to turn you into a rocket scientist overnight. What they’re designed to do is give you the big picture. How everything fits together.

The thing is, we don’t always have the time to read articles like this, even if they’re really interesting.

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