Enlightenment may be constant over time

  • The ability to achieve enlightenment may actually remain constant over time
  • If you were born into any place or time period in history, your opportunities for education and wealth vary very considerably.
  • The following is just pure speculation. Finding the ultimate, or enlightenment, perhaps in contradiction to the idea of our knowledge relying on our current tools, perhaps remains constant.
  • As there as an infinity within everything, perhaps expanding the outer reaches of our knowledge has no net effect on the sensitive individual's ability to emotionally connect to the overwhelming complexity of the world, and feel overwhelmed with awe. Perhaps the limiting resource is not the extent of knowledge, but instead on a combination of knowledge, sensitivity, observation, and emotion.
  • I am not sure about this idea however. I do think that scientific training, and a certain depth of knowledge does increase the depth of feeling when enlightenment may be felt. Perhaps it plays a role here, up until a certain point.