Additional notes

  • I guess that it is some kind of particle that is emitted from matter, and the more matter in an area the more particles there are.
  • Maybe dark matter and dark energy work in the same way, but their particles have even less energy.
  • I am yet to find a more accurate, better gif that shows gravitation.
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  • Watch the gif here.
  • This gif has problems:
  • loismen 31 points 22 days ago
  • Why are the circular orbits suddenly accelerating?
  • Reddit community, Gravitational Pull
    • [[–]]()Xfactor330 54 points 22 days ago
    • To anyone wondering, this is just a pretty animation, it does not represent how objects actually move in space.
    • From <http://www.reddit.com/r/interestingasfuck/comments/2e8nqy/gravitational_pull/>
  • Unknown author, The Warped Point of View
    • "Gravity" doesn't pull, instead space pushes. "Gravity" is only the apparent effect of the bends in space. G = 8 π T