Big History

Big History

So you’re a human being, sitting on this muddy space ball called Earth.

You’re pretty busy; you’ve got things to worry about like your empty fridge, whether you want to go to your acquaintances birthday party tonight, and whether you should bother getting your cracked phone screen fixed.

Every now and then, perhaps when you wake up a bit delirious, or when looking up at a million stars at night, or when find yourself in some other kind of altered state you might wonder,

“Wait, what is all this?”

Luckily for the curious, there’s a new effort to combine all of the specialised disciplines of science into one thing. One story that tells us where the universe, the world, and humans came from

thanks to the collaborative effort of millions of scientists across hundreds of years who have investigated everything that we see around us, from the species of animals and plants, to the rocks in the ground, to the stars in the sky, we’ve been able to piece together the story of humans; who we are, where we came from, and maybe even where we’re going.

This story has a name, it’s called Big History.

Origin Story