The senses

The senses

Our senses are our ways of detecting the universe.

Perhaps there is another 'dirty glass' in addition to language and I think the other was culture.

Biology. The limited spectrum that we see, and perhaps our perception of time and other phenomena.

Perhaps the rate at which we experience time comes not from anything intrinsic or objective, but rather from our midworld perspective, which also may be connected to the rate of decay of our complex chemical bodies.

We judge something as taking a long time by how much of a percentage of our lifetime it takes up.

If we were sentient, long lived robots, or more complex biological bodies, perhaps we would perceive the lifetimes of stars as quick and transient, and we'd watch constellations dance. But they seem so long lived compared to us- because they are, compared to our bodies that decay.

Shakespeare, King Henry IV

O God! That one might read the book of fate,

And see the revolution of the times

Make mountains level, and the continents,

Weary of solid firmness, melt itself

Into the sea!