Our animal senses are built to detect the world of fermions, the physical things that we can see and touch around us.

The senses of plants are built to detect the world of bosons, highly sensitive to the diffusions of light.

Every cell on a leaf is photosensitive. Perhaps every leaf is like an eye.

With vast and numerous eyes without lenses, they may see the world as permutations and every light source as a soft glow.

They may accidently recreate the double slit experiment by the angle and shadow of their leaves on each other, and in doing so know the properties of light like its particle-wave duality, through their own experience.

In exactly the same way they would experience the wave-like properties of wind.

These two forces are among the most important aspects of the environment for a plant.

Plants may be better equipped to understand the wave-based quantum world than we are.

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